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Fashion Crush: STS Blue Piper Skinny Jeans

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Have you ever worn distressed denim and they fit great, looked fly and you just knew you were killing the game when you stepped on the scene? That’s how I felt when I slipped on Piper Skinny jeans by STS Blue. I received two pairs of jeans from the brand for review.  

According their website, “the STS Blue denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe.” As a Florida girl and lover of sunshine and chill beach vibes, I can definitely relate to a brand with this vision.  

Here are my thoughts on STS Blue Piper Skinny jeans.


STS Blue Piper Skinny in Black


These are super-distressed jeans and I love it! 

They fit like a glove and had just the right amount of stretch. They’re a very great quality and didn’t feel thin or chaply made at all. 


Usually, I avoid jeans with this much ripping because after a couple of wears, the threading in the distressed areas, especially around the knees, tend to break and result in holes. That’s ins’t the case with these jeans! I could bend and stretch freely and the threads didn’t break; they had elasticity that helped eliminate tension. I’ve worn these jeans about five times and still no broken threads. 


These are now one of my favorite pairs of distressed denim.  

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STS Blue Piper Skinny Westlake


I love the color of these jeans.–the darker the blue, the better in my book! In addition to being a flattering deep indigo shade, these jeans were also pretty heavy duty but still had stretch. The minimal distressed details on the right knee were a nice touch. Another small detail that I appreciated about this style was the matte black hardware.


The first thing that I noticed when I slipped on these jeans was they created that dreaded gap in the back of your jeans that occurs when you have a small waist and some junk in your trunk.  For reference, I’m a size 2/4 and these were a size 27. I liked the fit on my legs and thighs (and my butt looked great in them), so I wouldn’t count these jeans out, I just recommend wearing them with a belt.

These jeans run a bit long (in my opinion) so I cuffed them because I didn’t want them to bunch up around my ankles. I also wanted to show off my shoes and cuffing the pants helped.


Overall, if you have long legs or don’t mind cuffing your jeans (which is pretty on-trend these days), and you don’t mind wearing a belt, you should check these out!

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