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Product Review: Dippity-Do Girls With Curls

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I’m always on the hunt for really great products for my naturally curly hair. During my research I came across a few positive reviews of a product line called Dippity-Do Girls With Curls line. According to the Dippity-Do website, this line of products is “a throwback to the days of carefree curls.” It was created for all curly/wavy textures. I have a 4a/b texture; my hair is very soft and has very tight curls.

I was able to get my hands on samples of the full line of Dippity-Do products and put them to the test.

Dippity-Do Curls Shampoo and Conditioner


The Dippity-Do Curl Shampoo and Conditioner are a dynamic duo. My favorite from the bunch if the conditioner. It’s thick and saturated my hair perfectly. I couldn’t get over how easy it was to comb through my hair after applying this product on my hair.

Dippity-Do Curls Shaping Gelee


The Dippty-Do Curls Shaping Gelee is my favorite product from the line. There are usually two issues that I have with gel for curls is they make my hair crunchy or they don’t yield good results. This gelee was very lightweight and at first that made me nervous because the gels that work best for me tend to have a heavier texture. BUT, not only did this have my curls popping, it also didn’t flake and leave residue. I applied it to wet hair and was left with soft, defined curls once my hair dried. I suffer from shrinkage and my hair did shrink.


Dippity-Do Curl Defining Cream

Another product favorite from the collection was the Dippity-Do Curl Defining Cream. The texture of this product is more like a gel, but again, it wasn’t flaky and it really moisturized my hair. It’s a great cream to use for a twist-out hairstyle.  It contains super-healthy ingredients like coconut oil, silk amino acids and shea butter.


Dippity Do Curl-Boost Spray

There’s also a Curl-boost spray as a part of the collection for those days when you want to boost the look of your curls post wash-n-go or twist-out.


Overall, I’m pleased with the results that I got using this line and I’d recommend it to my fellow curly girls! You can purchase these products at or

Have you tried any of the product by Dippity-Do Girls With Curls? What are your favorites?

*I received product samples from a PR firm for review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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