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Beauty News: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Launches “Everyday is Halloween” Collection, Featuring Underground Drag Queens the Misfits

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Halloween may be over, but for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  “Everyday is Halloween”, and that’s the moniker they’ve given their newest collaboration with the oh-so-fabulous drag queens Porcelain, Misty Maven and Omyra Lynn AKA the Misfits.

There are two things that I can’t get enough of: fabulous cosmetics and glamorous drag queens!OCC is giving us a taste of both with this limited-edition collection featuring four makeup sets with a mix of new and old-school classics.

Each set has its own theme that was coordinated by OCC artists to be utilized for everyday looks (for folks like me) and over-the-top dramatic looks (for my glam-obsessed friends who love rocking an extremely beat face). The sets include a Lip Tar™, a Nail Lacquer, and two pots of a colour (including Loose Colour Concentrate and Cosmetic Glitter). (Ummm yes, please!)


Here’s what David Klasfeld, CEO/Creative Director, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had this to say about the collection:

“Halloween is certainly my favorite holiday, and I think most makeup artists and enthusiasts can say the same. Working with The Misfits on this project is amazing because they’re men and women of every background and style — exactly our target audience.”

Here’s a closer look at each set and the products they include:

“The Scream Queen”


Marion: Rose Beige Neutral (Lip Tar: Matte)
Datura: Pink Lavender Sheen (Loose Colour Concentrate)
Overlook: Deep Plum Shimmer (Loose Colour Concentrate)
Phantasm: Pastel Blue Metallic (Nail Lacquer)

“The Venomous Vixen”


Pageant: Beauty Queen Pink (Lip Tar: Matte)
Authentic: Vivid Metallic Copper (Loose Colour Concentrate)
Burning: True Coral Shimmer (Loose Colour Concentrate)
Chimera: Opaque Metallic Mint (Nail Lacquer)

“The Madcap Madame” 


Pretty Boy: Super Rich Fuschia (Lip Tar: Matte)
Cherry Bomb: Fuschia-Leaning Red (Loose Colour Concentrate)
Magenta: Bright Pink/Purple (Cosmetic Glitter)
Just The Same (NEW!): Deep Blue Velvet Shimmer (Nail Lacquer)

“The Adonis”


Clear: To Prep and Rehydrate (Lip Tar: Primer)
Atlas (NEW!): Golden Champagne Shimmer (Loose Colour Concentrate)
Gold: Bright Yellow-Gold (Cosmetic Glitter)
Cruising: Antique True Gold (Nail Lacquer)

Each set retails for $47.50 (USD) and can be found exclusively on

Will you be celebrating Halloween 365 with thiese limited-edition OCC sets?

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