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Beauty Crush: Get Fab Curls & Summer Waves With the Trio 3-In-1 Digital Curling Iron by José Eber Styling Tools!

Author: Beauty & the Beat Blog ON: Friday, July 24, 2015 Comments: 2

Have you ever discovered a beauty product that pretty much changed the way you styled your hair? I was fortunate to have an aha moment with my hair after trying the Trio 3-In-1 Digital Curling Iron by  José Eber Styling Tools. I’ve had pretty bad luck when it came to using curling wands. If I didn’t continue reading →

Steal Her Style: Get Rihanna’s Coachella Look!

Author: Beauty & the Beat Blog ON: Thursday, April 19, 2012 Comments: 2

This past weekend Rihanna hit the stage at the Coachella festival in a pair studded shorts, a peace bra and a pair of leopard print Adidas that I really need in my life right now! This is defintely not a look to sport for a trip to the mall, but it’s super-cute for a BBQ or a pool party continue reading →