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Heart & Soles: Heel-less Shoes Are My Latest Obsession!

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You ever see a fashion trend, and know that you like it, but lack the words to describe the actual trend? Well, that’s what I experienced the first time I saw a star wearing heel-less shoes! I had a “What in the world?!” moment when I saw Kelly Rowland in a pair of Giussepe Zanotti heels (sans the actual heel), and after my initial shock I had that “I want some!” urge to bubble up inside.

Nicole Scherzinger werked-it in this style, as well.

These shoes are sooo BEAT! I mean I know they’re probably no joke to walk in and you probably can’t make it from your bedroom to the front door of your house without stopping to rest your feet, but how cute would they be with the right outfit?!

Look how well Angela Simmons pulled off this sparkly pair above.

We all know primpin’ ain’t easy! Sometimes a little pain comes with this glammy pleasure. But, you might want to test them out before you actually step on the scene because when Lady Gaga took a tumble, it was not haute!

Some of the cutest and best-priced heels-less shoes that I’ve stumbled across are from none other than the super-creative (shoes-so-cute-it-makes-you-wanna-slap-ya-Mama) designer Jeffrey Campbell. You can find retail locations where the shoes are found here or you can visit the Urban Outfitters website to check out his shoe steez.

Would you wear heel-less shoes?

Ciao Bellas,


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