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My Go-To Tip For Being In the Now

BY: Beauty & the Beat Blog ON: February 13, 2017 IN: Beauty, Yoga


Hi B&B friends! I started Yoga Teacher Training this year and the experience has been nothing short of life-changing. In addition to learning about the different ways to teach and enhance my personal practice of this beautiful act of meditation in motion, I’ve also learned to look deeper within.

One of my biggest struggles over the past several months has been worrying. I worry about my drive to work, and while I’m in the car, I worry about being late to work, when I get to work I worry about meetings and project deadlines, then my mind drifts to worrying about what’s for dinner… the bottom line: There’s just a whole bunch of worry, worry and more worry! With worry comes anxiety; with anxiety comes stress and negative self-talk; and with these things comes an unhealthy body and an unhappy life.

It’s truly exhausting and this blog post is a PSA to flip the script and start exalting ourselves! (It’s OK to practice self-care. It doesn’t make us selfish!)

One of my yoga teachers said when you think negative thoughts, ask yourself: “How is this serving me now?”

This is such of a powerful question to ask.

What we think, eventually becomes what we speak. Our words have power and the more we speak negative things, the more we start to believe them. We must be cautious of the thoughts we entertain because they can dictate so many aspects of our lives. 

How is spending your entire morning worrying about what you have to do at 6 p.m. serving you during those moments of worrying? Is any value being added to your well-being in the moments these thoughts are actually taking place? The truth is, these thoughts are adding zero value, and are likely causing more harm than good.

During our moments of worrying, we lose sight of the present and there is no freedom like being in the now. What I mean by being in the now is shifting our thoughts from worrying to being aware of and thankful for the good things in life. For example, instead of worrying about traffic, I thank God for the fact that my brain is working, my heart is beating and my body is healthy. Or, I focus on my breath and think of the people think of the people who I love and how happy we make each other. This simple act alone has worked wonders in my life.

So, the next time you feel anxiety or start worrying about what’s next, ask yourself: How is this serving me now? The more we seek and acknowledge the good in the present, the more worrying and anxiety will decrease.  

What are your go-to tactics to be in the now?

Ciao Bellas,

5 Comments on → My Go-To Tip For Being In the Now

  1. NuNu
    February 16, 2017 at 9:37 am (10 months ago)

    This was an awesome post! I too am a worrier and I needed to read this!

    It’s also motivating me to get off my butt and get back active. Your pose is #goals

    • Beauty & the Beat Blog
      February 16, 2017 at 11:27 am (10 months ago)

      Thanks for stopping by NuNu! I’m glad this post and pose was motivational. I appreciate your kind words and feedback! Namaste.

  2. Kelly
    February 20, 2017 at 4:34 am (10 months ago)

    Hello Margo! I love your blog, this is actually the first time this year I check it, I was aware that I’m worrier but I just realized I’m a big worrier in fact and this post really helps a lot. Thank you so much!
    Your progress in yoga is amazing. I’ve been doing yoga for a while and I always fall off the wagon, but this year my goal is try to do it more often and finding my space and time for it.
    As some who believes in God too, and sometimes it quite conflicting if its ok to do yoga being a christian knowing that its just a life philosophy than a religion. Did you turn vegetarian ou vegan, by starting yoga?

    • Beauty & the Beat Blog
      February 20, 2017 at 12:08 pm (10 months ago)

      Hi Kelly. Thank so much for your kind words and for stopping by. I’m so glad this post was helpful to you! Since starting Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve learn a lot more about the spiritual side of yoga and as a Christian woman I’m with you, I definitely see it as a different philosophy. Honestly, yoga aligns with many of my Christian beliefs at the core and I am absolutely stronger in my walk because of it! I haven’t gone vegetarian or vegan, yet. But, I’m considering trying more of a vegetarian-based lifestyle and of course I’ll share any progress right here on the blog. I pray that your practice continues to blossom.

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