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Glam Interview: Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards Co-Founders of RPZL Hair Extension + Blow Out Bar

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rpzl owners interview beauty and the beat blog

Hey, B&B friends! You all know I love to rock gorgeous extensions and I’m all about quality, affordability and convenience when it comes to getting my hair done. Several months ago, I was introduced to RPZL and I was blown away by brand’s amazing marriage of tech and beauty! It’s pretty much as blow dry  and hair extension bar with some pretty dope decor and amazing amenities like chair-side check-out. They company’s known for its high-tech keratin hair extensions., which are 100% Virgin Remy hair and get this some of their services will have you in and out of the salon in under an hour! (Whoop-whoop!)

I  was able to interview the company’s co-founders Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards to learn more about the company and the products they offer.

rpzl extensions glam interview beauty and the beat blog

rpzl salon extension blow dry bar interview beauty and the beat blog

What should a customer expect to experience when receiving service at RPZL?

We pride ourselves on providing industry-leading customer service and being the first space to combine tech and beauty. RPZL has  expedited check in, the highest quality products (including the highest quality hair, 100% Virgin Remy hair), tablets (allowing for chair-side check out) and ISB ports at every station, drinks, cocktails and special gorgeous treats!   We also have recruited the best talent in the industry! Our Headmasters are technical experts in the application of hair extensions, and our Very Personal Stylists are artistic leaders in Gorgeous blowouts!

What sets RPZL apart from other salons?

 RPZL is a new state of the art blow dry + hair extension bar – the first of its kind! We’re a next generation beauty destination offering the latest technology and an experience like never before. From chair-side check-out to award-winning products to the FIRST same day service hair extension bar, we have something for everyone. We offer everything from customized clip-ins to seamless bi-adhesive premium tape hair to the most innovative extension service on the market: our high-tech keratin hair extensions. We use only 100% Virgin Remy hair, and our proprietary methods reduce both the price and the application time to under an hour! RPZL’s high tech process is sound activation and uses no damaging heat, resulting in longer, fuller and healthier hair!  RPZL also has a House of Hair that hosts the highest quality hair (100% Virgin Remy), with the most expansive selection of color and texture available anywhere, right on site! RPZL provides immediate customization of extensions ranging from clip-ins and tape hair to RPZL’s high-tech hair extensions, the most popular application among celebrities. We match, customize, and blend all extensions on-site. Add length, volume or color to your hair on demand. 

rpzl extensions beauty and the beat blog

I have a naturally curly hair that’s not relaxed. Can I still receive RPZL services?

RPZL welcomes all hair types–curly, relaxed, etc.  For our clients with curly natural hair, we have expert headmasters that have mastered hair techniques for both African American and Latina hair.  RPZL can blow out any hair type to apply our extensions.  That being said, RPZL hair extensions are not sew-in or weft extensions, and therefore, a blowout is required for natural curly hair.  Also, RPZL doesn’t do RPZL NEXT (keratin) on hair that has been relaxed, but does offer RPZL 2.0 (tape) and RPZL in an instant! (clip ins) for the aforementioned hair.

You’re dabbling in the e-commerce market?What inspired you to take your services digital? 

Yes, we are very excited to announce our new global e-commerce site.  There has been such a pent up demand from all over the world for RPZL products.  With girls flying in from Miami, LA to Africa and Dubai daily, we decided to launch our e-commerce site to bring RPZL’s  revolutionary high quality hair extensions and products to woman around the world.

What does the online ordering process entail?

It’s easy!  Pick your favorite Gorgeous in an Instant product and it will be shipped right to your door.  However, if you don’t know what color to choose (it is very difficult for most people to match their own hair color) so RPZL is the first company to introduce a technology and process to pick the right color for you remotely.  Simply upload an RPZLfie (“selfie”) through the Headmaster’s Choice and we’ll expertly match your color, length, and texture in our House of Hair™ and it will be shipped right to your door.

You also offer RPZL Pop, what inspired you to get in on this colorful trend?

RPZL always has its pulse on the fashion trend and were obsessed with how celebrities were lighting up their locks in these pretty pastels.  But, RPZL is all about looking gorgeous and totally on trend, but protecting and caring for hair, as well.  These looks were being achieved by consistently dying your hair.  We came up with the idea to achieve the same look with safe clip in extensions that simply clip into your hair, without damaging it.  You can also change your hair every day to match your look. One day you can have Hillary Duff’s mermaid blue hair and the next day change it up for Nicole Richie’s bubble gum pink look. Color is more than just a hue. It expresses a feeling, makes a statement, and declares an allegiance. Color reveals your personality, and RPZL is anything but shy with colors. RPZL: it’s not just for lovers of color.It’s for the colorful.

rpzl salon tech and beauty bar beauty and the beat blog

 What else can we expect from RPZL? Any additional exciting news?

We just announced our new bridal looks and inspirations. RPZL will be adding more products to our space and e-commerce site (see below).  We are also offering products and tools exclusively to stylists around the world to use and offering an incentive program too. We will be opening more locations throughout the US, as well!

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