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Fashion & Life: Lessons Learned From June Ambrose (Part 1)

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine: I love reality shows that center around fashion! With that being said I’ll let you in on someting else, June Ambrose is the Andy Warhol of fashion to me! This glamtastic celebrity stylist and author of the book Effortless Style has styled everyone from Jay-Z to Mischa Barton, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige.  iLive for her out-of-the box, over-the-top deliciously scrumptious fashion taste, so quite naturally I’m addicted to her new VH1 series  Styled by June.

Monday night’s episode June took on the task of styling the rapper Trina, who is also known for her raunchy fashions and lyrics. June wanted to take her look into a completely different direction than what the rapstress was accustomed to: She wanted to add a little rock-n-roll swag to the femcee’s swag.

Trina was apprehensive at first, because she wasn’t feeling many of the looks the June pulled and she was also afraid that her fans wouldn’t be receptive to such a drastic change. She eventually let June work her magic and edge up her style for an editorial shoot in Paper magazine. We also experience Trina’s emotional tear-filled response to her new look during a performance. She said she felt like it was an out of body experience to perform without bringing emphasis to her voluptuous figure and her best-known asset…her behind.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes it’s not just about stepping outside of the box; sometimes you have to blow up the box and bury the ashes!  Don’t let others’ opinions keep you from branching out into new frontiers, especially when it comes to expressing yourself via F&B. Being glam is more than physical it’s a state of mind, and don’t be ashamed to cry tears of joy because you’ve turned a new fashion leaf. All it means is that you’ve experienced what it’s like to groove to the beat of your personal style, and honey, that feeling can’t be matched.  

Last week, which was the series premier,  she styled Mischa Barton (I fell in love with her during the OC era!), who had a phobia of the red carpet after having several not-do glam experiences. She also showcased concern with some of June’s styling choices, but triumphed at the end of the day and even created buzz about how fab she looked at the red carpet event.

Lesson Learned: Never let other people’s negativity keep you from enjoying life. Live, love and move on! There are too many memories to be made and laughs to be had to become a social leper because of a few faux pas. Keep your head up and persevere!

Tune in to Beauty & The Beat for more weekly lessons learned by June and tune in to the show Monday nights at 9p.m. (EST) on VH1.

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