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Fashion Crush: Original Grain Watches

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My boyfriend and I dress alike… a lot! This past weekend, I picked him up for church and brunch (He’s kinda a brunch guru so you should check out his Instagram and awesome Yelp reviews!) and, of course, we were twinning! He wore navy blue from head-to-toe and I wore a navy blue men’s blazer, that I snagged from a thrift store.

I could go on-and-on about our twinning behaviors, but we all know accessories can make or break a look for men and women. The one item that made his look was the Original Grain Zebrawood Rosegold Minimalist watch. I became a watch-lover in 2013, so when I caught wind of this brand, I was really excited to learn more and cover it on the blog. And, with my boyfriend’s newfound interest in watches, I was super-excited to let his wrist be the canvas for this eye-catching piece from the Original Grain Minimalist Collection. (More from the collection here, here and here.)


Is Original Grain unisex?

When I saw the Zebrawood watch on my boo-thang’s wrist, I got a little envious because it looked so polished and sophisticated. If he were drinking tea while wearing this watch his pinky finger definitely would’ve been sticking out in the bougiest of ways as he sipped! Kinda like Andre 3000—the king of cool.

Luckily, I don’t have to be jealous of his arm party anymore because many of the Original Grain watches are unisex! (This style in particular is very popular among the ladies!) So, of course this piece will make its way back onto the blog in an outfit post. I might even sip some tea in the pics.


What’s the deal with Original Grain watches?

Let me give you a little background on Original Grain, they create handcrafted watches that are made from sustainably sourced hardwood from around the world. If you browse their site, you’ll notice several immaculately designed watches with one common feature… wood! Some of them are completely wood, while others, like the Zebrawood Rosegold Minimalist watch, have minimal wood details with metal and leather accents. 


Why is this brand so dope?

In addition to being made with sustainable goods, Original Grain has also partnered with the organization Trees for the Future in Senegal. This pretty much means your money is going way beyond your wrist. For every one watch sold, 10 trees are planted to help feed families and positively impact the people of Senegal. (Absolutely a dopeness factor of this brand!)

Overall, this watch collection is definitely a must-try for the fashionable guy (or girl) with a palette for sleek, polished and uniquely individual style with a bit of edge. Plus, you really can’t go wrong by supporting a brand that allows you to marry style with sustainability and charity.

Check out the full Original Grain Collection and learn more about the brand here

I received a free sample of the Original Grain Zebrawood Rosegold watch for review; all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the featured Amazon  product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive compensation from Amazon. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make Beauty & the Beat possible!

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