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Beauty Crush MustaeV Makeup + 10 Shade Lip Cream Pro Palette Swatches on Dark Skin

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Here are my thoughts on MustaeV beauty makeup and skin care products.


MustaeV 10 Shade Lip Cream Pro Palette


I absolutely fell in love with this lip palette! It contains 10 gorgeous, highly-pigmented shades that can really be used on all occasions. I took this plaette with me on a weekend getaway and it was clutch because you can do so much with it. There are light pink and neutral tones, blush berry hues, a vibrant orange, deep merlot and brown hues as well as  a vibrant white shade. You can wear the color on their own, or mix them for custom shades. 

Swatches on dark skin

MustaeV-more-than-makeup-10-Shade-Lip-Cream-Pro-Palette-swatches-on-dark-skin-top-row-beauty-and-the-beat- blog

MustaeV 10 Shade Lip Cream Pro Palette top row

MustaeV-more-than-makeup-10-Shade-Lip-Cream-Pro-Palette-swatches-on-dark-skin-bottom-row-beauty-and-the-beat- blog

MustaeV 10 Shade Lip Cream Pro Palette bottom row

Shop it: 10 Shade Lip Cream Pro Palette($45)

MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base


I have very large pores, so I almost always prime my face before applying makeup.

This cream base is legit. It’s formulated with pink pearl particles that gives skin a hint of subtle shimmer.


MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base

Water is your skin’s best friend, and this primer is 70% water so it’s lightweisht and semslessly blends into your skin. I’m a huge MAC Prep + Prime and this base reminds me of it a lot. It’s actually been my go-to since I’ve stumbled upon it!

Shop it: Lustrous Cream Base ($33)

MustaeV Mood Therapy Masks


Have you ever thought about how your mood affects your skin? Well, it really does impact your appearance! You are more prone to acne breakouts due to anger, stress and sadness, and quite frankly: “Aint nobody go time for that!”

MustaeV took this into consideration with their mood therapy masks. These masks are specially formulated with ingredients that coincide with your mood. I tried a few of the masks and loved them; here’s a quick overview!

  • Vitamin Sadness Mask is an anti-aging, brightening, mask with plant extracts that help to inigorate skin for a gorgeous glow. 
  • Cooling Anger Mask relieves stress, calms and soothes while helping skin retain moisture. It also has vegetable extracts that help restore radinace and tone skin.
  • Moisture- Lifting Pleasure Mask is a my favorite mask from the collection. It’s a soothing mask with moisture and anti-aging benefits. My skin felt super supple after wearing this mask that contains vegetable extracts that hydrate and tone skin.


Shop it: Mood Therapy Masks 4-Pack (on sale now for $12)

What are your favoriteMustaeV products?

*I received free samples of these products to review; all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the featured Amazon  product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive compensation from Amazon. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make Beauty & the Beat possible!

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