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Ask Margo: What Are Your Favorite Brands of Weave & Extensions?

BY: Beauty & the Beat Blog ON: September 9, 2012 IN: Ask Margo, Beat, Beauty, Beauty Beat

I looove when I get questions from my awesome readers about my go-to beauty products. Recently, I received a message on Facebook asking about some of my favorite brands of hair. (BTW if you haven’t liked Beauty & The Beat on Facebook make sure you make your way over to the right sidebar of this page and do so!)

I love me a good weave and I’m all for experimenting with new colors, textures and styles. Here are some of my go-to brands for a fly ‘do!

Janet Collection Prestige One Alco Remy

Don’t let my facial expression in the picture above fool you, I love the Janet Collection Prestige One Alco Remy hair. (I’m currently rocking it!) I install 2 packs of this hair. To care for it I shampoo and condition every 2 weeks and let it air dry. I spray heat protectant on it and flat iron it. After that I wrap it and by the next morning I’m good to go.

I wear this hair for about 3 months. It has medium shedding, which can be annoying, but this is a fave of mine when it comes to affordable, quality hair. I usually get it on sale at one of my go-to hair hot-spots

Indique Pure Curly

This hair is hands-down the best thing to ever happen to my coif. I never tried virgin Indian hair until this summer and when I say it’s a treat– you better believe I’m telling the truth. The texture’s soft and pretty and even with a full weave (none of my hair left out), it looks just like it grew from my scalp.

Now, don’t get it twisted, you do have to somewhat tame the hair for controlled curls and/or waves. That’s fairly simple, though. Just invest in a good curl defining product and you’ll be fine. Another technique is to braid your hair into 4 plaits at night, add a satin scarf and wake up to pretty waves the next morning after you unravel the braids. (That’s the technique that I used for the above look.) This hair also straightens well.

The co-founder of this brand Ericka Dotson is awesome and she really believes in the vision of the product. I interviewed her for Sister 2 Sister magazine this past Spring, and I was moved by her passion and drive for her business.

I used two bundles of the 20″ Pure Curly hair (machinewefted) in the color “Natural”, which runs about $244 a bundle. Ericka was kind enough to send his hair to me for review, but I would definitely spend a couple hundred dollars per bundle on this hair because it really is the bomb(dot)com! You can use it for at least a year (with proper treatment), so if you do the math of what you would spend on various hairstyles over a period of 12 months…it’s worth it. It’s an awesome investment.

XQ Cuticle Remy


My absolute favorite brand of beauty supply store remy hair is hands-down XQ Cuticle Remy Yaky. This hair is like a dream, especially for the price. It has hardly any shedding, looks natural and holds a curl well (In the pic above, I hot curled my hair, used flexi rods overnight and the curls lasted all day the next day without dropping.) The hair looks gorgeous straight, too. The cuticle technology helps with the hair’s elasticity, shine and health. Love, love love it!

I usually purchase two packs and wear it for about four-months. As long as you wash, condition it and don’t over-process it–you’ll be happy with your results. I used the 16″ which stars at about $135 per pack. You can shop this brand here.

I hope this quick overview of my go-to weave and extension brands is helpful to you! Do you have any faves that I should add to the list. Please, share!

Ciao Bellas,


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