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3 Tips to Streamline Your Wardrobe

BY: Beauty & the Beat Blog ON: March 23, 2017 IN: Fashion, Fashion Beat, Fashion Trends, OOTD


As a fashion-lover, I know how overwhelming it can be to keep your wardrobe updated and on-trend.  It’s one thing to have a closet filled with clothes that you know you’ll eventually get rid of, but it’s overwhelming to have a closet filled with pieces that you love and will actually wear. (The struggle is too real!)

I love buying new styles of clothing shoes and accessories and while the volume of items in my closet increases, the space in my closet doesn’t!

Here are 3 tips to help you streamline your wardrobe.  


1. Make closet binges a habit.

One of the best ways to streamline your wardrobe is to assess what’s in your closet and get rid of the things that you don’t wear. I know this is easier said than done and I for one cringe at the thought of doing this, but it’s necessary to keep your closet on-poiunt and easy to navigate!

Start by setting a couple of hours aside to look through your clothes.  If you find items that you haven’t worn in 3-6 months, donate them to charity or give them away to friends or family. If you want to monetize your wardrobe sign up for a service like Poshmark and re-sell them.

2. Use the 3-wear rule when buying new items.

When you’re considering making a new purchase, think of 3 different ways that you can wear the piece. Can you wear it casually; is it something that can be worn to work; would it look good at brunch with friends? The more you can wear your new fashion piece, the easier it is to justify the purchase. I used this rule when purchasing this dress. I knew I could pair it with stylish heels on warm spring and summer days in Florida, throw on some jeans and wear it as a shirt, or layer tights, boots and a leather jacket with it in winter. 

If you can’t get multiple uses from a fashion purchase, (outside of special occasions) don’t buy it.

3. Invest in fashion staples.

New trends are constantly emerging and it can be difficult to keep up. While some styles are here to stay, many of them are fleeting fads. This is why it’s important to invest in fashion staples that can stand the test of time. I define fashion staples as foundational pieces that can be worn for work and play, like a white button-up blouse,  a tailored blazer, a nice coat or leather jacket,  a tailored pencil skirt, nice jeans or amazing black or nude heels. I spend more money on these items because I want to get longevity out of them. Your staple pieces can be worn for years so it’s okay to splurge a little.


Outfit details: Striped Off-the-shoulder dress (similar) /Ray-Ban sunglasses (similar)/  Steve Madden Samarie heels /Rosettie reversible crossbody bag (similar) / Original Grain Zebrawood Rosegold Minimalist watch (Check out my review of this fab unisex watch here!) 


What are your go-to tips to streamline your closet?

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